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This is a limited edition soft cover, silk matte paper 36 page diary and pictorial which originated from Dave Bell and was then compiled by Jill Saward from the band.  Each one of his diary pages ripped from the actual diary and documented. This fascinating insight to life on the road back then is obviously authenticated by the fact the actual band contributed to the contents.  You will not find another edition like this, it is a one off and is highly collectable for fans and progressive rock memorabilia addicts. 

Fusion Orchestra built a dedicated following during the early 1970s. They toured the UK and Europe extensively and gathered a huge fan base that remains true to this day.

Whilst touring Dave Bell, the bands drummer, religiously maintained notes on the gigs and the events that related to each individual show. Dave claimed it was for his own personal memory bank but fifty odd years later the valuable notes take on a remarkable historic account of a UK progressive jazz rock band out the road for around 5 years. 

This publication is available NOW! and the price is £48.00 including UK Postage 

Jill Saward collaborates with new artists Vanessa Poolian & Anders Olinder on this sultry, classic soul/jazz single called 'MOVIN' ON' only available from this website. Jill also includes the bonus track 'ALFIE' on this stream which was one of the heavily featured lockdown projects on the social media sites.               
MOVIN' ONJill Saward, Vanessa Poolian & Anders Olinder
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ALFIEJill Saward
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