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       8th March 2020 see the release of my solo project 'WOMEN LIKE YOU'
            It's release coincides with INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY







I am very honoured to have a loyal fan base thanks to the success of Shakatak. I get the chance to meet lots of fans after the show when we are signing cd’s and merchandise. Over the last few years as I have have matured (no comments please!) I have encountered so many women of a certain age telling me how much they admire what I am doing and how they can’t understand how I still find the energy to do it. The answer is simple, I live for it - I do it for me - and can’t do anything else!

I have also shared some sadness from women who find the whole ageing process and the shutting down of their womanly engineering system a painful process. Society and the media do not help by  shedding a flippant angle on our journey into glorious old age. We have a whole new chapter of womanhood ahead after full time work, kids, divorce possibly? and I think we should look upon our future years as a personal re-building project. The vacant years - (the dreaded menopause and after ) need to adopt a new image. Enough merging into the wallpaper - fall in love in with yourself, why not?! I felt so strongly there was never any messages in songs that touched on this sentiment so I thought, sod it, I am going to do it myself. I didn’t hire a 100 piece choir, I did most of the work myself, blagged my pal Kathy  to join in on some backing vocals and managed to secure the talent that is Simon Brown on piano. This track is dedicated to the glorious generation of women (and any woman) who perhaps feel out on a social limb sometimes, it should never be this way.  Menopause and the enormity of this life changing event must celebrated whilst we jump into the next golden chapter.
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