MOVIN' ON - I take a little break from the Jazz Funk Legends Shakatak and collaborate with a couple of new artists, Vanessa Poolian &  Anders Olinder.  The pair sent me a copy of a track they had written, Movin' On, via social media. I was immediatly hooked by the atomosphere and the simplicity of the song so I asked if I could put a vocal on it.  I loved the vibe and felt there could be some interest in the whole thing. Turns out Soul & Jazz stations are really putting some clout behind it and featuring the song on their playlists. It is so inspiring to work with new people and I hope to extend the project throughout these long summer lockdown days!  I thank you in advance for your support for new and inspiring artists.

ALFIE - This is just one of those songs I have always wanted to sing. Some of the finest artists have blessed the composition with their versions and I love nearly all of them.  Alfie is a work of art and a transports you back to the heady days of the 60's (before I was born of course!! ha ha) This is my tribute to the genius that is  Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Movin' On & Alfie - Jill Saward, Vanessa Poolian & Anders Olinder

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